Illness Risk

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The Illness Risk insight is a daily indicator that can be appended to any Daily Readiness insight to provide more specific early warning signs for susceptibility to illness, potential illness, and/or the onset of illness indicators.

Our algorithms look for specific patterns in resting heart rate, heart rate variability, and respiration rate calculated from the daily Readiness/Recovery measurement to determine when a user is at increased risk for illness or experiencing the early warning signs of illness onset.

Recommended Use: Either append this type of guidance to your Daily Readiness guidance, or replace the Daily Readiness guidance completely when the Illness Risk output is not 0.

Input Requirements


Data Type



array of int

An array for inter-beat intervals; at minimum, 60 inter-beat (R-R) intervals are required.

Input Requirements
Example Input JSON
Optional Inputs
  • Minimum requirement of 4 readings on 4 separate days within 10 days to receive an Illness Risk insight.




Example User Text


Insufficient data or no illness patterns detected.

(Do not append or replace Daily Readiness guidance).


Increased susceptibility.

Be careful about taking on too much stress today, it can make you susceptible to illness.


Early warning signs of illness onset or presence of mild illness.

Your immune system appears to be more active. Keep an eye out for any potential symptoms and prioritize good nutrition and recovery.


Strong likelihood of illness and/or symptoms.

Your immune system appears to be working hard. Prioritize rest, hydration, and good nutrition. Contact your doctor if you notice any severe symptoms.

Updated 13 Jun 2022
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