Biomarkers are measurements of physiological phenomena that are based on validated research and are comparable in accuracy to markers you would find from expensive or invasive or laborious measurements taken in a lab setting. 

Some companies like to analyze or display to their users the underlying biomarker data that feeds into our insights, so we make it all available via the API. The following biomarkers can be derived from our camera SDK and/or an HRV-compatible device (that can transmit accurate inter-beat intervals).

We will soon be able to derive more biomarkers from our camera solution, including blood pressure, body temperature, and SPO2 (pulse ox).

Here's an example of how the biomarkers object will look in the response JSON from the Biomarker and Insight results GET endpoint. For more information on status objects, check out the Spren API Overview page.

Example Biomarkers Output

Updated 01 Apr 2022
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