Spren insights give users a more interpretable look into their biomarker patterns. Using a combination of physiological analysis and contextual reasoning, our Insights API is able to provide responses related to overall readiness, stress, illness, exercise, and more.

Here's an example of how the insights object will look in the response JSON from the Biomarker and Insight results GET endpoint. For more information on status objects, check out the Spren API Overview page.

Example Insights Output

Along with environmental and demographic data, if you're using an external device to collect data, all of our insights require an ibi input with a minimum of 60 inter-beat intervals and a corresponding ibiTimestamp input representing the time with which each inter-beat interval was recorded. Each measurement additionally needs to represent at least 1 minute of continuous data. Our insights also require at least two measurements per user from two different days and are intended to be "at rest" measurements absent of exercise, excessive movement, or acute stressors at the time of the measurement. Conditions and inputs not being met will return an insufficient data response. Some insights require additional metadata inputs as described in order to return a valid response.

These are the most popular insights currently on Spren's menu of insights. Definitions, information on input and output, and additional context can be found for each of the popular insights in this section. Feel free to click on the links to learn more about each insight.

  • Daily Readiness
  • ANS Balance
  • Stress Score
  • Activity Guidance Score
  • Illness Risk

Additional insights we've developed are listed below. Feel free to reach out to us if you'd like to know more about any of the insights or if you have any questions!

🤸🏽 Additional Fitness & Training Insights

  • Workout Exertion (Strain, Strive, Acute Training Load, Fatigue)
  • Recovery Status (Post-exercise)
  • Cardiovascular Fitness Score (VO2 Max)
  • Weekly Training Load (Volume & Intensity)
  • Weekly Training Calibration for Sports/Fitness

🌿 Additional Wellness & Life Insights

  • Illness Risk
  • Biological Age
  • Resilience Score (Baseline)
  • Rapid Stress Checks
  • ANS Strength Score (Orthostatic Test)
  • Flow State
  • Craving Predictor
  • Circadian Consistency
  • Sleep Insights

Need a Custom Insight Built to Your Needs?

Our team of data scientists and health and performance experts can build a custom insight specific to your data sources and your end-users’ goals.

📃 Contextual User Text

Spren also offers contextual text samples for Insight values. These are often used to help the user interpret an Insight. For example, a high (7-10) Daily Readiness value includes a choice of sample text, such as “You should be able to handle more stress and activity today!” This text can be used directly in your application, or can serve as an interpretive guide that can be tailored to your use-case.

Updated 21 Mar 2022
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