Getting Started

Welcome to Spren!

It takes years of targeted R&D and billions of data points to be able to extract deep, meaningful insights from a small amount of noisy sensor data.

Spren distills all of this down into a simple API call. Your brand and design stay front and center while, behind the scenes, Spren translates complex physiological data into deep, personalized insights that enrich your user experience and power up both engagement and behavior change.

The Spren API follows the RESTful API format. Our API returns JSON-encoded responses and uses standard HTTP response codes, authentication, and verbs.

Ready to Begin?

Follow these steps to integrate Spren into your app!

  1. Pick a sensor or device that your users already have, or install Spren Vision SDK
  2. Choose which Insights or Biomarkers you want to use
  3. Connect to Spren API

For current customers, if you have development-related questions, reach out to us here. If you're new to Spren and you want to chat with us about our products, contact us here.

There's no brand interference: Spren is designed to be seamlessly integrated into your user experience. Your users don’t have to sign up for anything new or be redirected to any external apps or experiences.

Updated 05 Apr 2022
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